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13 Tech Tools To Help You Run Your School

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Here at TeacherLists, our main goal is to help schools—and those at their helm—work smarter. If you’re one of those amazing individuals—school secretary, principal, web master or communications professional—who works tirelessly every day to ensure that your school & district is on the cutting edge of technology and brilliance, then this list of school tech tools is going to be a great resource. Save it, reference it, and share it with other dedicated like-minded school leaders.

Recommended School Tech Tools

Remind   Remind logo

No one had to remind us to include this one! Remind makes parent engagement much less of a chore. This school tech tool allows teachers to text, send pictures and audio recordings to students, and stay in touch with their parents about learning that is happening while it’s happening.


Seesaw     Seesaw logo

We all love a good playground ride but focus, that is not what we are talking about here.

Seesaw is a powerhouse tech tool for schools that allows teachers to keep a digital portfolio of student work, communicate with families about students’ projects and performance, and create and share assignments with individualized instruction. There are no ups and downs with this tech—just ups!


Permission Click Permission Click logo

Permission Click is there for you when you want to get the bus on the road! Its form-builder lets you create easy-to-use forms, have them approved by the powers that be at your school, and distribute them to parents. Afterward, it also tracks comments and payments. Need the same form next year? Not a problem! Permission Click archives your past forms so you can reuse them when needed.


Rediker Rediker Software logo

This system really is all about families, schools, and the community! It helps manage student data and maximize school-to-home communication. Their suite of offerings includes parent/student portals and mobile apps that tackle complex master scheduling, bring admissions online, and improve fundraising outreach.


SchoolInfoApp School Info App logo

This company is 100% about developing apps for school information. They build completely customized apps—iOS, Android, and web-based—for schools and districts across the country. These apps allow schools to easily share documents, maps, contacts, student assignments, weather updates, calendars, photos, and even videos of what’s going on in school. Every app is tailored to meet the individual school’s every need!


eFunds for Schools E-Funds for Schools logo

Have some eFun while using eFunds! All joking aside, it really does make managing payments much more enjoyable. eFunds allows schools to easily process cash, checks, and credit cards for fundraising, at family events, for spiritwear purchases ,and really any time you need to collect funds from your community!


TeacherLists TeacherLists logo

Paper lists are so last year (or 5 years ago)! With TeacherLists, you can transform those old paper supply lists, teacher wish lists, and more into digital lists that are accessible 24/7 from any device. Simply upload your lists (in any format) to make them available on your school’s website, your parent portal, social media channels, and even at back-to-school retailers. Lists can be changed in real time, and updating them from year to year is simple and quick (just click!)—no need to reinvent the wheel.


Animoto Animoto logo

They say a video is worth a million words! Show off what you’re up to at school with Animoto, a super cool school tech tool that allows you to visually tell your school’s story. Transform pictures from the pep rally, videos from the talent show, and clips from the school play into multimedia presentations with music and effects.


Peachjar Peachjar logo

Tired of the backpack express? Us too! Peachjar eliminates the need to print and send home flyer after flyer after flyer! It’s a digital flyer management system that makes it easy for school districts to post and send e-flyers to parents or display any school flyer as a thumbnail on the website.


Smore Smore logo

Want your communications to look like a million bucks? Not a problem! You can use Smore to create event flyers and newsletters for students or parents. With custom backgrounds and automatic translation, mobile viewing options, your newsletters can be exactly what you want them to be‑we’ll take s’more of that!


PTO Today PTO Today logo

PTO Today serves school parent groups, but we’re going to let you in on a secret—it also has tons of resources topics that will help increase parent engagement at your school. While PTOs and PTAs use this advice, so can schools. There’s tons of resources on involvement, fundraising, school events, and more. Let’s face it, if you get parents interested and involved, that means you have their attention. And having their attention is quite possibly the key to success for any school.


Blackboard Blackboard logo

If you like the all-in-one approach, then Blackboard is for you. One of the leaders in EdTech, Blackboard provides technology, tools, and support to meet the specific needs of each school partner to help engage and communicate with parents, students, and the community at large.


PowerSchool PowerSchool logo

Bring the power to the people! Harnessing the power of technology, PowerSchool’s Student Information System helps schools manage instruction, assessment, attendance, registration, finance, and more. Front office, back office, home, or classroom, they can help schools get the message across. Pretty powerful stuff!


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