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Webinar: Back-to-School Supply Lists Made Easy for Schools and Families

Date: Next Session 

If you’ve ever scrambled to update your district’s school supply lists on multiple school websites or printed paper copies, only to be bombarded with parent phone calls when the lists are lost, we’re here to help. TeacherLists is a quicker way for school staff to update and share supply lists, and for parents to find the lists they need and shop for supplies online or in stores.

In this free webinar, TeacherLists will discuss how to create a winning first impression with parents by making the annual chore of back-to-school supply lists easy. Join us to find out more about how TeacherLists makes back-to-school easier for schools and families.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • Using TeacherLists to keep your supply lists updated
  • Adding your supply lists to TeacherLists (and our retail partners)
  • Tools for sharing your lists with school parents

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Webinar: Tips & Tricks To Connect with Families Using TeacherLists

Date: Next Session

TeacherLists is more than a way to share school supply lists with families. It can also be a tool for establishing positive connections with parents. Create a strong first impression with parents by making it easy to find the information they need to get ready for the new school year. In this free webinar we’ll show you how, walking you through ways to make TeacherLists work harder for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • Easy ways to manage your lists
  • How schools have used supply lists to help families adjust to online schooling and hybrid learning
  • How to get Spanish translations of your supply lists
  • Helpful ways to share digital lists with parents, including email, texts, web pages, and social media

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Don’t want to wait, or does our next webinar conflict with your schedule? View a previous presentation below to learn more about how TeacherLists connects with top national retail partners.





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Originally posted 2020

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