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6 Podcasts for Busy Parents

Parents are busy­– you of all people should know! While parenting books are helpful, it can be difficult to find time to sit down and actually read them. After all, between everything you do for work and your family, you’re booked up. The solution? Podcasts! You can listen while you’re driving, cooking, any activity that allows you to listen to something else. It’s the busy parent’s secret weapon! Since you’re so busy, we rounded up 6 podcasts that are perfect for a parent looking to learn something new, based on their ratings from other parents just like you!


Wow in the World

This NPR podcast is designed to explain the world to kids and their parents­– perfect if you have a child that is always asking “why?” and “how?”. With this podcast, you’ll always be one step ahead. So, the next time your child wants to know what happened to the dinosaurs, you have an explanation in simple language kids will both understand and find fascinating! It also makes for excellent bonding time with your child if they want to listen with you.


Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Slate’s podcast, hosted by Zak Rosen, Jamilah Lemieux, and Elizabeth Newcamp, is a group of parents sharing their own experiences in parenting. They cover it all from failures to successes, from toddlers to teens. If you thought you were dealing with a parenting problem alone, think again­– this podcast is going to validate everything you’re going through while also help you to find solutions.


Your Parenting Mojo

This podcast isn’t afraid to tackle the harder parts of parenting. Host Jen Lumanlan invites more-than-qualified guests to talk about various issues regarding raising children in any situation. Her podcast is research-based to provide parents with the right insight for them. Her podcast boasts over 2 million downloads across her 160+ episodes, so it’s a tried-and-true favorite for parents everywhere.


Motherhood in Black and White

Hosted by Kaanji Irby and Tara Campbell, these two moms come from completely different worlds to share their individual experiences and wisdoms. This podcast puts an emphasis on the role of intersectionality in parenting as they welcome guests and discuss a wide variety of topics.


The Modern Dads Podcast

While new episodes of this podcast are no longer coming out, there are still 98 episodes to help every dad navigate fatherhood. From raising resilient daughters to how to be a happier parent, there’s no topic the Modern Dads shy away from!

Mindful Mama – Parenting with Mindfulness

Here’s a podcast to help you become a more joyful parent, even in the craziness of everyday life! Mindful Mama will help you take on an emotionally intelligent approach to parenting.

Originally posted 2022

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