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TeacherLists Partners with Vanco To Make Back-to-School Time Simpler for Families

TeacherLists expands its EdTech partnerships to include Vanco, a leading school storefront platform, a move that will provide exceptional e-commerce convenience (and additional safety) to busy families at back-to-school time.

Vanco’s RevTrak enables schools and districts across the country to accept payments for all kinds of student fees online, making it simple and convenient to make donations, pay technology fees, update cafeteria balances and more.

By partnering with TeacherLists, Vanco expands this convenience by now providing millions of families with the ability to shop their child’s exact school supply list via prefilled shopping carts at leading retailers that are part of the TeacherLists back-to-school eCommerce platform: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Staples, Office Depot, and more.

“Many of our clients already use TeacherLists to offer easier online options for families,” says Loren Brockhouse, Vanco CRO. “It made complete sense for us to partner with TeacherLists and embed the process in our RevTrak Web Stores, making a single location for families to go for their school supplies and fees.”

Charles Field, CEO of TeacherLists, adds that giving teachers the option to post and distribute lists from home during a time when schools are closed nationwide not only offers convenience—it adds to their peace of mind.

“It’s another way teachers can rest assured that kids will come back to school next year with the supplies they need to succeed. And with e-commerce becoming second nature for many families, giving parents the option to purchase school supplies online is important,” Field says.

Vanco joins a growing list of TeacherLists EdTech partners including Rediker, SchoolInfoApp, Gabbart and more that are providing schools and families the power of TeacherLists’ one-click, retail-connected school supply lists within their school-facing apps and solutions. The innovative, integrated solution will be available to thousands of schools and millions of families via Vanco in summer 2020.


About Vanco

Vanco supports K-12 schools and community education organizations by providing convenient, online solutions including cashless campus software, Web Stores, program management tools, and meal payment solutions. To see how your school can simplify online payments, give us a call at 800.323.5953 or request a demo online.


Originally posted 2020

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