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How to use One-Click shopping right from your List

Updated 04/23/19

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You’ve found your child’s supply list and now you want to purchase the items they need — what’s next? Why go to the store, when you can simply use your smartphone?

We’ve made it super easy to purchase all of the items on your child’s supply list with just a few clicks. While you are looking at the supply list, simply click on your retailer of choice icon in the top right hand corner of the list.

Amazon and Target logos


Purchasing Supply List Items from Amazon:

If you would choose to purchase the items from Amazon, simply click the appropriate button. The next screen you come to will have the items available for purchase through Amazon ready for you to add to your shopping cart. Here, you can decide which items you would like to purchase. If there is an item that you do not want to purchase at this time, simply click the red Remove button. Don’t forget to bring these items on the first day of school! Once you are ready, click the Buy This List button to proceed.

purchase items through amazon

Now, you will be brought at the Amazon page. Here you will see those items that are in stock and the cost for each item. Some items may be out of stock from the initial match, but may be available through other “sellers” – simply make a note to search for them again, and click the yellow Continue button at the bottom of the page.

amazon landing page screenshot

Your items will now be in your shopping cart and you are ready to search for any items that were not immediately matched, other items your family may need OR to proceed directly to check out.

amazon shopping cart page

To make the busy back to school season even easier, don’t forget to take advantage of this convenience and purchase any other back to school items before you check out. Then, you can get back to the beach or just enjoy time with the kids!

Purchasing Supply List Items from Target:

Our partnership with Target will go live in early May. At that time, customers will be brought directly to Target’s School List Assist section for supply list purchases. Want to see how things worked last year? Check it out here and don’t forget to come back in early May for more updates!

Purchasing Wish List Items from Amazon:

Interested in purchasing items from your child’s Wish List directly from Amazon? Click here for more info.


We’re adding new retail partners all the time — check back often for updates!

Ready to get going? Find your child’s Supply List here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at or call us at 800/644-3561 X6.


Originally posted 2017

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