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How To Set Up a School Supply Bar Event For Teachers

Teacher Appreciation week is the perfect time to show teachers how much you recognize their hard work and dedication to their students. Check out our step-by-step instructions for creating a school supply bar event that your teachers will love, complete with downloadable signs and a checklist with everything you need.


Step 1: Purchase classroom supplies for your teachers

Find out the number of teachers in your school and buy a variety of items so that each teacher gets the same amount, or set a limit, like 10 items per teacher. Keep in mind that, when it comes to school supplies, there are definitely classroom staples that stand out among the rest. This checklist has teacher-favorites that would be appreciated in any classroom.

Download the school supply checklist


Step 2: Set up your supply bar

Once your supplies are purchased, put a few tables together in the school library, gym, or cafeteria and place the school supplies in baskets or bowls so teachers can easily grab what they’d like.  It’s also nice to offer bags or boxes so teachers can carry their items as they shop.



Step 3: Make it fun!

Dress up your supply bar with fun signs that show your appreciation. Download our printable signs and print them on high quality paper, then tape them around the room or glue them onto large poster board.

Download the printable signs


Step 3: Let your teachers know when it’s time shop!

Set up the supply bar the night before your event and let teachers know that they can shop whenever they get a free moment the next day.

Originally posted 2023

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