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Printable: How to Catch a Leprechaun!

What is St. Patrick's Day without an attempt to catch a leprechaun?

Catch a Leprechaun printable

What is St. Patrick’s Day without an attempt to catch a leprechaun?

Bring the excitement into your classroom by having your students design traps!

Younger students can draw their traps and share them with the class. Take it a step further, and have students bring their traps to life at home. Once their traps are ready, they can bring them back to school and set them up the night before St. Patrick’s Day. After students leave, set a few of the traps off, leave coins around the room, and add some more evidence that a leprechaun was there!

Older students can write about their traps (what would they look like, why, how would they work, what steps would be needed to build them, etc.) Then, they can draw their traps. Students can also bring their traps to life and set them up in the classroom. No one is ever too old to try to catch a leprechaun—plus, you can have even more fun with the evidence left behind (did someone say mixed up supplies, slime, glitter, an afternoon party with party supplies left from the leprechaun?)

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Originally posted 2024

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