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TeacherLists FAQ: Communicating your Lists to Parents

Updated 05/8/20

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Hey Parents, Your School Supply Lists are Ready!

The hardest part is done: your lists are finally compiled for the upcoming school year! Congrats! Now that you’ve easily posted them on TeacherLists. all you need to do is to tell your parents what their children will need for the start of school. We’ve made it super easy to share this information with them.  man holding share sign

In addition to adding a banner to your website or an eye-catching image to Facebook, we have some more “traditional” ways of communicating where your lists are to your parents.

  • Want to send a flyer home to your parents? We have it all set & ready to go!  Print it out here.
  • Want a sample email to send out? Here you go!
  • Want some cool stickers to add to report cards or other more “traditional” communications going home through the “backpack express”? We’ve taken care of the hard part. Check them out here.


Looking for something different? Let us know – we may already have it prepared for you! Contact us at tlsupport@teacherlists.com and let us know!

Ready to share your lists? Log into your account to get going!


Originally posted 2018

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