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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teacher Appreciation Week kicks off May 6th, so don’t forget to show your teachers how they’re a valued part of your schools! While you may not be able to personally reach out to every teacher on your staff, there are plenty of ways to show them how they’re making a meaningful difference in their communities. Here are 8 ways to mark the celebration!

School supplies gift baskets

There’s no gift for teachers quite like school supplies. Search for their list and provide them with a gift basket full of their must-haves!




Set up a supply bar for teachers!

Teachers get low on their supplies very quickly! Check out this checklist of teacher-approved supplies to set up a bar in the teachers’ lounge for them to grab all their favorites! Plus, set up these fun signs of positive affirmations to top it all off. 


Host a breakfast for teachers

Guarantee that at least one day during the week, teachers won’t have to rush to get a breakfast sandwich and coffee on their morning commute. Offer an array of healthy, delicious options as well as a coffee bar so they can make it exactly to their taste.


Encourage thanks from parents

Send an email home to parents asking them to give thanks to teachers in their own way. Gestures as small as a note of gratitude or a gift card for coffee will go a long way!


Provide extra snacks and refreshments in the teacher’s lounge

Granola bars, fresh fruit, bagels, and more! Teachers can keep their lunch boxes at home during Teacher Appreciation Week with a fully-stocked snack bar.


“Vandalize” their doors

Imagine your teachers coming into school one morning to see their classroom doors completely “defaced” with sticky notes! Upon closer inspection, they’ll see a kind word of encouragement written on each sheet. It’s a sure way to make your teachers feel appreciated, and it’ll be a total surprise too!


Make a statement during the morning announcements

Make it a priority to personally thank your teachers over the loudspeaker for the whole school to hear. Let them know it is their week to know the difference they’re making!


Replace teacher lounge duds 

If the microwave, coffee machine, or other well-used appliance has just run its course, it’s time to say goodbye. No more cold-in-the-middle lunches!  


Giveaways for days 

Hold raffles of varying prizes like tickets to local sports games or theater productions, gift cards, etc. throughout the week! 

Open your office door

One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to listen to what your teachers have to say. Consider your door wide open this week to encourage honest feedback from your hardworking teachers.

Originally posted 2022

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