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Updated 12/9/20

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Here at TeacherLists, we’re dedicated to improving our platform with new features to make your 2020 back-to-school season better than ever. Check out what’s new on TeacherLists (and what’s coming soon!).

New list create features makes posting lists a snap!

Does your school participate in Staples Classroom Rewards? Or Amazon Smile? Now we have a special spot right on your back-to-school supply list to share all the important details with parents. Your instructions will appear on your list on!


New EdTech partners make it easy to share your lists!

We’re integrating with lots of new EdTech platforms you may already be using, like Vanco and MySchoolBucks. Our new school supply list links fit right into existing online web stores, making it even easier for parents to find your lists.

New shopping options for parents!

This year, we’ve added even more online retail options so parents can click to buy their entire list from the retailers they know and love—a convenience they won’t find anywhere else. Or if they prefer to shop in-store, we have a handy checkable shopping list that makes tracking items super simple!


Parents get notified when lists are ready!

You publish your list, and we’ll send parents an email or text message letting them know their children’s lists are available to shop. There will be a link coming soon that you can share with families to encourage them to sign up to be notified!


Our new dashboard is looking, well—dashing!

We’ve redesigned our dashboard to make it easier than ever to find and update your lists—whether you’re managing your own lists, your school’s lists, or even all of the lists in your district.

Some cool new dashboard features include:

  • Evergreen lists: If your supply list stays the same each year, mark it “evergreen” and we’ll take care of updating the school year for you. As the saying goes, just set it and forget it. (You can still edit your list anytime.)
  • Not ready to share your list with parents just yet? Our new scheduling feature allows you to upload or create your list, then select the date you’d like your list to be published on and all of our retail partner sites.

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