Supply Them With Kindness

Supply Them With Kindness

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Everyone knows that on February 14th we give our hearts to those we love, but did you know that on February 17th we are all asked as part of National Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Day to use our hearts to do something kind for someone else?

We did some searching around and found some great RAK projects that students and classes have done – with little supplies and big hearts.

random acts of kindness Random Acts of Kindness Chart – All you need is poster board, markers, sticky notes and maybe a few prizes if you chose.
a-paper-683x1024 Kindness Chain – An Oldie but Goodie! All you need are scissors, construction paper, markers and a stapler.
IMG_0772 Hands of Kindness – Give a hand for this art project! Glue, paper, markers or crayons and some tape to hang it up in the hall is all you need!

So you see – with just a few of the supplies in the classroom or in your home you can throw some kindness around your town!

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