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Ways To Celebrate the 100th Day of School in Your Classroom (or Virtually)

Updated 01/14/21

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Simple and sweet ideas for marking the 100th day at your school, whether you're teaching in person or virtually.

Sometime in January or February, your school will reach its 100th day of the school year—and it’s a fun reason to celebrate together (or apart), especially in the 2020-2021 school year when everyone could use more celebration and smiles.

We’ve adapted some cute ways to mark the 100th day from our sister site PTOtoday.com, and from teachers. Try one, or try a few—your students will love them.


100 Ways To Be Kind

Who couldn’t use a little more kindness right now? Teacher Jamie B. encourages kids to compile a list of 100 ways (combined) to show kindness, and together the class makes its way through the list throughout the year.

via blog.schoolspecialty.com

More Ways To Encourage Being Kind at School


100th Day Hats and Necklaces

Both simple crafts are popular with teachers of younger students. Encourage kids’ math skills with this template that has “100” in 100 bubbles. Students can color, daub, or fill the circles with stickers.

via kindercraze.com

For the necklace, use any circle cereal and encourage kids to group them into colors or patterns, if they wish.

via firstgradeschoolbox.blogspot.com


Awards Show

Teacher Lora L. uses the 100th day to help build kids’ confidence. She sets up a construction paper red carpet and gives each student an award for something they have improved in for the past 100 days. She even makes a little microphone and has each student give an acceptance speech and what their goal is for the remainder of the year.

via blog.schoolspecialty.com


Literacy Activities

Cut out 100 words on paper and challenge kids to create a story as a group. See how many words kids can make with the letters in “one hundred.” Or, as a class, come up with 100 positive adjectives that describe their school.


100th Day Stations

Count out 100 items and place them around the classroom: small wooden blocks, Lego pieces, and cubes. Then challenge students to use up all the pieces to build something. One that students find especially fun is working together to build a 100-cup tower.

via proudtobeprimary.com


100 Little Things

For homework, ask kids to fill a baggie with 100 items of their choice–things like candy, buttons, paper clips, etc.–the crazier the items, the better! Then, have students guess which bags would be the heaviest and lightest, and weigh the bags as a class.

via growingkinders.blogspot.com


100 Physical Feats

Challenge kids to do 100 sit-ups, 100 jumping jacks, and 100 jumps on a rope (with your PE instructor’s supervision). End with a beanbag toss to see who can get to 100 tosses first. You can either award a prize to the beanbag toss winner or give out certificates of completion to the whole class.


Create a Lasting Memory

Ask students to write at least 5 reasons why they like their school (or town). Then discuss and display their reasons on a bulletin board until you get as close as possible to 100, or discuss them in a video chat.

Printable 100 Reasons sheet


Cut 100 Shapes

A great one for younger kids: hand out supplies like glue, construction paper, and craft foam, then have kids cut out shapes—both conventional and from their imaginations—until they have 100 different ones (make sure you count them all as a class to be sure). Glue the shapes to a poster board and hang it in the classroom as a piece of artwork.


If They Were 100…

This could be one of our favorites–and we think most kids will agree. Have students come to school dressed as 100-year-olds, or have them create self-portraits of how they imagine they would look at that age. Ask them to write down what they would be like at age 100 and how their lives would be different. The results (and photos) are guaranteed to be amusing.

via growingkinders.blogspot.com

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