Perfect for School Districts

Make a good first impression

School parents will see the district as cutting-edge and engaged, helping kick off a successful school year.

Engage parents

Start building positive relationships with parents before school even begins. Parents will appreciate the district making school supply list shopping easier and more convenient.

Be parents’ go-to source

One unified school district supply list solution helps position your district as a reliable and trusted source of school information, the first place parents turn instead of reaching out to other parents on social media.

Save money

Spend less on paper and copying costs at each school. Get Started>>Upload Your Lists!

Or use our concierge service and email your school district supply lists to us and we’ll take care of everything!


Simple for District and School Staff

Easy upload

Uploading and updating your school district supply lists is a snap. We accept most formats including .jpg, .pdf, .doc, and more.

Concierge service

Just email your lists and we’ll take care of everything! We’ll send you an email when your lists are ready. (A great option if you’re handling all the lists for a district.)

Simple to share

Lists are super easy to share on your district and school websites, parent portal, and social media or via email. We provide email templates, social graphics, flyers, and website banner links for sharing across all communication channels. You can even schedule when your lists will be available!


Automatically sent to retailers

All supply lists are immediately shared with major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Staples, and more and are available at in-store kiosks or online. We do it for you!

Save hours on the phone

Let parents know when lists will be available online, or even better, suggest they sign up to be notified when your lists are posted. Your district and school staff will save hours fielding phone calls and returning voice mails from parents asking for lists.

Read our case studies on some of the ways other school districts have integrated with TeacherLists.


Convenient for Families

Instant notification

Parents can sign up to be automatically notified as soon as their lists are posted.

Easy to shop

Parents find and shop their exact school supply list when and where it’s most convenient.

Shop online

One-click shopping at major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more! Shopping carts are pre-filled with the exact list items. Simply select a retailer and check out with one click!

Shop in-store

Lists are instantly available on parents’ phones and are checkable as they move through the store, or they can print a list right from our site.

Parents love it

No more traveling to multiple stores only to find crowded aisles and empty shelves. Supplies can be delivered right to the door or picked up in-store. Your parents will thank you!

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All Supply Lists Are:

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