Lafayette High School Supply Lists 2019-2020
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Lafayette High School Supply Lists and Classroom Wish Lists

300 West Congress Street Lafayette, LA 70506

Lafayette Parish School Dist

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    Grade: 9th |  Michelle Domec |  Wish List | 
    Healthy Classroom: Bounty Paper Towels, Puff Facial Tissue, Clorox or Lysol Wipes, Germ X Hand Gel, Lysol Spray, Germ X Hand Wipes, basically anything that would help keep my students well throughout the school year. We could also use notebook, copy paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, Elmer's glue , Plastic folders, basically anything you can think of school supply wise---I teach special education classes and many of my students are impoverished and don't have what they need to be successful in school. Thank you in advance, Michelle Doimec