Joshua Circle Elementary Supply Lists 2020-2021
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Joshua Circle Elementary Supply Lists and Classroom Wish Lists

10140 8TH AVE Hesperia, CA 92345

Hesperia Unif School District

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    Holiday List

    Grade: PreK |  Ms. Flodter |  Wish List | 
    Would love for the classrooms
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    Back to School Supply List

    Grade: Kindergarten |  Donna Minton |  Wish List | 
    Here are the required school supplies for this school year.
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    Class Supplies

    Grade: Kindergarten |  Miss Merenda |  Wish List | 
  • 3

    Classroom Wish List

    Grade: Kindergarten |  Mrs. Beeson and Mrs. Minton |  Wish List | 
    Here are some items we would love to have for our classroom. Thank you for your donation!
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    Wish List

    Grade: 1st |  Mrs. Sheahan: First Grade |  Wish List | 
    Here is a list of supplies that we would find helpful to keep our classroom clean and stocked with essentials. Any donations of any size are very much appreciated. Thanks! Mrs. Sheahan
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    New School Year Wish List

    Grade: 3rd |  Mr. Meukow |  Wish List | 
    Hi Parents! Here's a short wish list to start the school year off right!
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    6th grade

    Grade: 4th |  Mr. Hammons |  Wish List | 
  • 7

    Classroom Wish List

    Grade: 4th |  Mrs. Russo |  Wish List | 
    Welcome to a new school year! If you can get us anything on our list it would be much appreciated!
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    Marrs' Fifth Grade Needs List

    Grade: 5th |  Marrs |  Wish List | 
  • 9

    Classroom Wish List

    Grade: 6th |  Mr. Marrs |  Wish List | 
    Thank you, parents, for your generosity. I will be sure to make the maximum good of your assistance. We have diverse needs as a gifted class, some quite unusual. Sincerely, Mr. Marrs
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    Classroom Supply List

    Grade: 6th |  Mr. Spencer |  Wish List | 
  • 11

    back to school

    Grade: 6th |  Mrs. Amanda Hernandez |  Wish List | 
    Welcome back to school, parents these items will help our classes run smoothly! thank you for any and all help
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    Classroom Supply List

    Grade: 6th |  Mrs. Russo |  Wish List | 
    Here are some items we would love for our classrooms. Thank you for your donations.