Online Life: More Screen Time Right Now? That’s OK

Pandemic parenting is tough enough as it is, so here’s one thing you can stop worrying about: That extra screen time your kids are getting is totally OK, as long as it doesn’t interfere with sleep or other healthy habits like connecting as a family. “While limits are still important, under these stressful circumstances, kids’ screen media use will likely increase. Parents can take steps to ensure that this media use is positive and helps the family and community,” the American Academy of Pediatrics reports.

Free On-Demand Parent Webinars: Gaming, Social Media, and More

Trend Micro’s Internet Safety for Kids and Families’ free webinar series educates communities on a wide range of topics and challenges facing families online today.


Internet Safety FAQs

Nine common questions and detailed answers, from dealing with cyberbullying to avoiding fake apps.
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Cell Phone and Smartphone FAQs

“At what age should my child get a cell phone?” “What rules should I set?” and other important questions about safe and appropriate cell phone use by kids.
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Technology, Schools, and Education FAQs

Tech use at school is a lot more present than it used to be! Get the answers you need about combining virtual schooling with work-from-home parents, videochatting rules, maintaining privacy controls, and more.
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Parent Tips

Tips for Introducing New Tech to Kids

Common-sense steps to help your family introduce new technology and instill good habits from the start.
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10 Ways To Continue the Conversation at Home

The best way for families to develop good Internet skills is to have ongoing conversations about what it means to use the Internet in safe, positive, and productive ways.
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The Kids’ View

What’s Your Story? 2021 Video Contest Now Open

Create a 2-minute video answering the question “How did the Internet help you get through this past year?” and you might win $10,000 for yourself and your school!

Popular Apps That Are Probably on Your Child’s Phone

Wondering what that new icon is? You might find it on this list.
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Easy Teacher Appreciation Ideas Parents Can Use

Parents: You Should Know This Internet Slang

A lot more kids are spending a lot more time on Internet-enabled devices these days. Study our list of common Internet terms and practices to stay in the know. Also available as a free download.


Privacy and Balance Pledge

Suggested guidelines for your family to develop (together) a commitment to behaving responsibly and safely online.
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Family Internet Safety Promise

Suggested “house rules” for your family to develop (together) about when, where, and how long to be online.
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Social Media and Internet Safety Resources

A collection of sites with information for parents to help teach kids to be safe and responsible users of the Internet, social media, and personal technology. Bookmark this page on your desktop, or add it to your device’s home screen to access it easily!

En Español

Continúa la conversación en casa con tu familia

La mejor manera para que las familias desarrollen buenas habilidades en Internet es tener conversaciones continuas sobre lo que significa usar Internet de manera segura, positiva, y productiva.
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Para hacer juntos: Compromiso de privacidad y equilibrio

Pautas sugeridas para que su familia desarrolle (juntos) un compromiso de comportarse de manera responsable y segura en línea.
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Para hacer juntos: Promesa familiar de seguridad en internet

Sugeridas “reglas de la casa” para que tu familia las desarrolle (juntas) sobre cuándo, dónde y cuánto tiempo estar en línea.
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