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Science Fun for Kids: Watch Earthworms Work

Science Fun for Kids: Watch Earthworms Work

Make a wormery and watch how earthworms live and work.

Science Fun for Kids: Make Elephant Toothpaste

Science Fun for Kids: Elephant Toothpaste

Make elephant toothpaste out of common household ingredients.

Science Fun for Kids: Bouncy Ball

Science Fun for Kids: DIY Bouncy Ball

Make your own bouncy ball out of common household ingredients.

Science Fun for Kids: Energy Sticks

Science Fun for Kids: Energy Sticks

Weave together craft sticks to learn about the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy.

back-to-school shopping

Back-to-School Shopping: Save Time and Money

Tips to help you survive shopping for back to school without breaking the bank.

learning styles vs. teaching styles

Learning Styles vs. Teaching Styles: A Student Guide

Students should be able to learn even when their teacher’s styles don’t mesh well with their own learning styles.

types of learning

Types of Learning: How Boys and Girls Are Different

When it comes to types of learning, they don’t tend to approach things the same way.

after-school snacks ideas

After-School Snacks: Healthy Options for Kids

Fun ideas for healthy after-school snacks kids will actually eat.

easy breakfast ideas for school success

Easy Breakfast Ideas for School Success

A healthy breakfast lets kids do their best in school. Try these ideas to help children get the nutrition they need in the morning.

school clothing arguments

School Clothing Arguments: Stop Fighting With Your Kids

Strategies for cutting down on the fuss over what your child wants to wear.

healthy school lunches

Healthy School Lunches: Ideas for the Whole Week

Yes, you can find a sack lunch that your kids will like and that’s healthy, too—even if they don’t know it!

understanding report cards

Understanding Report Cards: A Guide for Parents

Need help understanding your child’s report cards? We explain the most common grading systems from A to Z.

back-to-school organization

8 Tips for Back-to-School Organization

Back-to-school organization tips to help ease the transition from lazy summer days to hectic school mornings.

learning styles quiz

Learning Styles Quiz: What Is Your Child’s Learning Style?

Understanding how your child learns can reduce frustration and improve achievement.

Fun Kids Lunch Ideas

5 Fun Kids Lunch Ideas

Distract finicky eaters by putting together a meal that’s so much fun to eat, they won’t be thinking about whether it’s on their short list of “likes.”