Parent Corner

5 Internet Safety Tip for Parents

The internet is a fascinating, powerful, and at times, very scary place.

Overcome Your Helicopter Parenting Impulses

When parents are overly involved, their kids may not develop the academic or emotional skills they need to succeed. We share advice from educators to avoid hovering too close at school.

All About Those Apps

Wondering what that new icon is on your child’s phone? You might find it on this list of 32 popular games, websites, and services.

Back to School 2021: Checklist for Parents

These back-to-school tips can help parents and kids be prepared, whatever the 2021-2022 school year may bring.

School Supply Shopping Made Quick and Easy

School Supply Shopping Made Quick and Easy

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the process of school supply shopping (and what parent hasn’t?) TeacherLists is here to help you save time and money.

Working from Home: Pros and Cons

Some of us like working from home, others never did, and for the rest—enough is enough. No matter how you feel though, the grass is always greener on the other side.

10 Parent Moments for the Win

Start celebrating the small wins. There are plenty out there if you just give yourself a break!

Summer Adventures to Try at Home

Sometimes adventure is closer than you think.

Use Your (Summer) Time Wisely

Thanks to a little work in between hammock rides and Mai Tais, you can ease into fall without skipping a summer beat.

Back to School (Back to Basics)

A lot of kids will have to relearn how to do a traditional school day. Get back to the basics for their sake and yours!

Three Mom Podcasts for Summer Listening

You finally get to kickback and enjoy a summer afternoon for yourself, but the silence is deafening. The fix? Two earbuds and a brand new podcast!

The Argument for Mom Friends

The time and energy we put towards our children’s friendships doesn’t always translate to our own lives. We forget about the importance of an inner circle, specifically having mom friends.

How Does Your Paper Problem Stack Up?

How Does Your Paper Problem Stack Up?

Students bring home paper, lots of it. Find the right home solution that cuts down on clutter but keeps the memories.

20 Reasons You’re an Amazing Mom

20 Reasons You’re an Amazing Mom

You are selfless, strong, and loving. You are heaven-sent.

Get Schooled on Teacher Gifts

Get Schooled on Teacher Gifts

This year for Teacher Appreciation Week, give the unsung heroes at school a little token of gratitude. They never ask for thanks, but they sure deserve it!

Winter Exercise Ideas for the Family

Fun winter exercise activities for inside the house, for outdoors, and around your community that can be adapted to fit with your local and state coronavirus safety guidelines.

Help Your Kids Stay Happy and Healthy at School

If you have children in school, you know how easily they seem to get sick. You can help minimize sickness with some reminders about ways your child can stay healthy at school.

How To Help Kids With Anxiety and Stress

Tips and ideas from experts and parents on managing screen time, helping kids eat healthier, and just generally keeping it together during stressful times.

Room Parent Ideas for When Class Is Virtual

Being a class parent in 2020 looks a little different, but there are still many worthwhile volunteer opportunities within the role.

Set Kids Up for School Success: Healthy Habits Parents Can Teach Their Kids

Set Kids Up for School Success: Healthy Habits Parents Can Teach Their Kids

By establishing important eating, sleeping, and learning routines at the beginning of the school year, parents can help their kids be successful students.

7 Smart Tips To Help You Ace Back-to-School Shopping

7 Smart Tips To Help You Ace Back-to-School Shopping

On paper, the idea of back-to-school shopping is exciting and fun. But in reality, this yearly ritual can drain your emotions and your bank account—unless you’re strategic about it.

COVID-19 Distance Learning Supply Lists

COVID-19 Distance Learning Supply Lists

Whether your school district is opening in person, going all-virtual, or using a hybrid model, school supplies will be handled differently. Get organized for back to school 2020 with supply lists for distance learning.

Home Learning Setup Ideas and Tips

With virtual learning plans being rolled out by districts, parents are wondering how to create a homeschool room. Advice from parents: It really depends.

Shop Your Supply Lists During Tax-Free Weekends

Take advantage of the back-to-school timing of states’ tax-free weekends to save on your school supplies!

Talking to Kids About Anti-Racism and Race Relations

Conversations with kids about race relations can be hard, but they’re absolutely necessary. We’ve linked to resources that can help.

Science for Kids: 28+ STEM Activities To Do at Home

Step-by-step instructions and materials lists for family-friendly science activities.

Easy Teacher Appreciation Ideas Parents Can Use

5 Easy Teacher Appreciation Ideas Parents Can Use When Schools Are Closed

Thanking school faculty members during Teacher Appreciation Week is a lot harder to do when parents, kids, and teachers are all at home. We’ve collected some simple ideas your family can use to show teachers how you feel, no matter how far away you are.

Easy Teacher Appreciation Ideas Parents Can Use

Parents: You Should Know This Internet Slang

There’s a good chance a lot more kids will be spending a lot more time on Internet-enabled devices over the next few weeks and months. Study our list of common Internet terms and practices to stay in the know.

Activities To Keep Kids Busy When Schools Close

At-Home Enrichment Activities and More (for When Schools Are Closed)

Free classes, printables, media subscriptions, and more to help you keep your kids learning at home during coronavirus or other school closures.

Science Fun for Kids: Watch Earthworms Work

Science Fun for Kids: Watch Earthworms Work

Make a wormery and watch how earthworms live and work.