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8 Books for Overcoming Back-to-School Anxiety

Many kids feel a whirlwind of emotions before the new school year, and it’s normal for nerves to be one of them. However, many kids feel so nervous before school begins that they can’t sleep, eat, or even play without thinking about the unknowns of the upcoming year.               […]

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What is the Metaverse—and should you be concerned?

What do you call an all-encompassing online world your children can travel to virtually? The metaverse.

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10 Free Activities for your Summer Bucket List

Rising prices don’t need to stop you from fulfilling a summer bucket list with your kids. Check out these free activities you can add to your list!

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20 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Check out this list of YouTube channels your child will have so much fun watching, they won’t realize they are learning—win!

10 Ways to Honor Memorial Day with your Children

Check out these tips to honor Memorial Day, shared from a WWII Veteran and POW himself!

Outdoor Fun with No Equipment

Take a trip down memory lane with these 10 outdoor activities!

Six Ways to Keep Kids Safe this Summer

Follow these safety tips to keep kids happy and healthy all summer.

Virtual Summer Trips

Virtual Field Trips to Keep Learning Alive This Summer

Take a trip all over the world—even to space—this summer with these virtual field trips!

Mother’s Day “Mom-Me” Time Activities from Real Moms

Me time activities from real moms, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Teacher Appreciation Week: The Do’s and Don’ts

Check out these tips for how to, and how not to, thank your child’s teacher.

Testing Season: Tips and Tricks to Prepare your Children

Ease test anxiety with these tips and tricks!

5 Tips to Promote Social-Emotional Development at Home

Social-emotional development is fundamental for success. Check out these tips to foster it at home!

Current Events: How to Talk to your Child about their World

Help your child feel safe while staying informed with these tips.

8 Spring Activities that help the Planet

Welcome back Spring with these Earth-friendly, green activities!

read across america

5 Ways to Celebrate Read Across America at Home

Celebrate reading on Read Across America Day, or any day, with these five fun activities.

STEAM winter

Winter Boredom Busters with a STEAM focus

Melt away your winter blues with these STEAM-focused activities!

Screen Time: the good, the bad, and the balance

Unlock the benefits to screen time. The key is striking a balance.

15 Ways to Encourage Handwriting at Home

Check out these fun ways to encourage handwriting at home!

Parenting during the Pandemic: which habits to keep

Reaping the rewards of the pandemic? Find out which pandemic habits parents are choosing to keep.

Resetting School Habits in the New Year

After a long winter break, resetting school habits is beneficial. Here are some tips to reset those habits.

The 10 Most Boring (But Awesome!) Gifts for Teachers

Believe it or not, teachers love receiving school supplies during the holidays. Here are our top picks.

5 Internet Safety Tip for Parents

The internet is a fascinating, powerful, and at times, very scary place.

Overcome Your Helicopter Parenting Impulses

When parents are overly involved, their kids may not develop the academic or emotional skills they need to succeed. We share advice from educators to avoid hovering too close at school.

All About Those Apps

Wondering what that new icon is on your child’s phone? You might find it on this list of 32 popular games, websites, and services.

Back to School 2022: Checklist for Parents

These back-to-school tips can help parents and kids be prepared, whatever the 2022-2023 school year may bring.

School Supply Shopping Made Quick and Easy

School Supply Shopping Made Quick and Easy

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the process of school supply shopping (and what parent hasn’t?) TeacherLists is here to help you save time and money.

Working from Home: Pros and Cons

Some of us like working from home, others never did, and for the rest—enough is enough. No matter how you feel though, the grass is always greener on the other side.

10 Parent Moments for the Win

Start celebrating the small wins. There are plenty out there if you just give yourself a break!

Summer Adventures to Try at Home

Sometimes adventure is closer than you think.

Use Your (Summer) Time Wisely

Thanks to a little work in between hammock rides and Mai Tais, you can ease into fall without skipping a summer beat.